Our History

Our History

Established in 2004, Advanced Solutions has developed a diverse history in its short time. Backed by the strength of top Fortune 500 technology companies, Advanced Solutions has been able to cater to the unique needs of the BC's Public Sector, and through working with our global partner network, we have met the challenges of innovation many times, with leading clients on their digital transformation journeys.

Today, we are a locally sourced employer of over 250 employees with considerable growth moving into 2023 with new business ventures, but we didn't start that way. In the beginning, we secured the Revenue Services contract with local unionized staff for support as a subsidiary of H. Ross Perot’s company, Electronic Data Systems (EDS). We were known then as EDS Advanced Solutions, delivering a comprehensive management system and a multitude of Revenue Lifecycle Management services, including; payment processing, revenue collections, application management and a call centre providing customer service to the citizens of BC.

In 2009 EDS was purchased by Hewlett-Packard (HP) and we became HP Advanced Solutions. With HP's six-decade experience in technical innovation, this significantly broadened our technical resource capabilities. In that same year, we secured the Strategic Transformation and Managed Services contract, for the provisioning of managed hosting and data centre services for BC Public Sector.

The Enterprise Services business of HP merged with Computer Science Corporation (CSC) and in 2017, the end-to-end IT services company, DXC Technology was formed. This resulted in our last name change to Advanced Solutions, a DXC Technology Company. We continue to lead clients on their digital transformation journeys, multiply their capabilities, help them harness the power of innovation and tailor proven solutions.

Today, we continue to be a proud locally sourced employer, and we are equally proud of being part of exceptional companies who have a proven history in innovation, service, and value. Our history has broadened our capabilities, so we can leverage diverse experience locally and around the world, to provide excellent service to our customers.


History of Advanced Solutions